The Zoo is not just for kids, adults can join in the fun too. From our famous Horse Hands programs, to custom Night Camps, the Zoo has something for you. You can even earn your Master’s Degree with the Zoo. Looking for something unique and fun for your next business event or social outing? Spend the night at the Zoo with a custom Night Camp program or have us come to you with our ZooToYou Outreach programs.

Horse Hands Program

If you have never been on a horse before, or if you are somewhat experienced with horses but would like to learn more about their behavior and caregiving, or just generally brush up on your horsemanship skills, then this program is for you. Each Horse Hands Program is a four-week series. Participants must attend all four sessions to develop riding skills and receive a certificate.  Participants will learn about horsemanship, animal observation, behavior, and bonding. For more information please visit our Horse Hands page.

Graduate Degree Program

The Phoenix Zoo is partnering with Miami University of Ohio and Project Dragonfly to offer a ground-breaking and low-cost graduate degree for anyone interested in science education and community engagement. If you’re looking for a program that is student-driven, community-focused and can be completed while you work, this program is for you. Visit our main Graduate Program page for more information.

Photography at the Phoenix Zoo

Our first offering of this program in Spring 2015 was a huge success! We are currently working on planning similar programs for the future. Please check back again for future offerings. 

Learn photography basics and receive hands-on instruction and expert insight on how to photograph your favorite animals at the Zoo. This two-part workshop is designed for beginner and intermediate photographers using DSLR or bridge cameras. Sharpen your skills, get comfortable with your equipment and create some best shots … all while enjoying the company of amazing animals.

If you enjoy photographing animals, this workshop will help you understand the fundamentals and improve your skills within the unique setting of the Zoo. The workshop has a small participant to instructor ratio, guaranteeing you a lot of one-on-one attention and instruction. The workshop is composed of two interactive sessions. The first session covers the essentials of taking a great photo at the Zoo. Topics covered include proper exposure, composition guidelines and how to photograph through glass and fences. You will also learn about photography’s most basic element — light — and how you can creatively control it with your camera by getting out of “auto” mode.

The second session is a hands-on instructional walkabout during which you will be able to practice the concepts that you have learned. Workshop instructors will assist you as needed in setting up your exposure settings and compositions. You’ll visit various Zoo exhibits and be provided with insights on how to photograph the animal and the best vantage points. After a final Q&A, you are welcome to stay the rest of the day at the Zoo to continue practicing.

For adults ages 18 and over.

Tips & Required Equipment/Supplies:

  • A DSLR camera or a bridge camera/mirrorless camera with the ability to manually adjust settings (such as aperture and shutter speed)
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes; for the second session, we will be walking and standing most of the time
  • Wear appropriate sun protection
  • Bring water
  • Bring snacks if desired

Optional equipment:

  • Extra camera batteries
  • Extra memory cards
  • Tripod
  • Lens hood