Camp Zoo 2016
Accepting applications beginning March 1, 2016

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Kids of all ages can spend summer and winter breaks at the Phoenix Zoo with Camp Zoo! Camp Zoo offers children in kindergarten through eighth-grade an opportunity to explore nature and the Zoo in a fun, hands-on and exciting way. All of our lessons and activities are age-appropriate and designed for multiple learning styles. Young children will be introduced to nature with smaller animals, basic care giving, art projects and simple action projects. Each class progresses with the children’s level of understanding all the way up to seventh and eighth-grade, during which participants will explore animal training, visitor education and zoo careers.

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Camp Zoo is inclusive of all abilities and learning styles. While we encourage campers to participate in all activities as designed, we are able to provide modified lessons and some accommodations for campers with special needs. We also have special day camps designed for children with orthopedic and sensory impairments. Visit our Special Needs Programs page for information about Camp Zoo camp programs for children with special needs, including scholarship information.

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