Share the Planet, Save Species.

Celebrated on April 22, Earth Day is an annual, worldwide event that demonstrates support for environmental protection.

Here at the Phoenix Zoo, we celebrate Earth Day year all year long thanks to our Green Team, a group of employees and volunteers dedicated to ensuring that the Zoo is as eco-friendly as possible while conserving resources.  

Join us for Earth Day at the Phoenix Zoo: an entire day
of games and activities that nurture nature!

Educational Earth Station Destinations throughout the Zoo
Earn a stamp in your passport by visiting each of the Earth Station Destinations throughout the Zoo and receive a prize at the exit!

  • Water Conservation: Desert tortoises are experts at conserving water. Learn how you can be a water conservation expert, too.
  • Energy Conservation: Many animals conserve energy by staying very still. See how you can conserve energy by being active instead.
  • Reduce: Discover how you can reduce your consumption of wasteful products. Play a fun “fishing” game to help remove harmful plastics and other recyclable items from Arizona’s waterways!
  • Reuse: In the wild, orangutans use branches and leaves to create nesting beds. Outside the wild, they use donated items like sheets and burlap sacks. Join us and see how you can be resourceful like an orangutan and turn discarded items into reusable treasures.
  • Recycle: Is this recyclable? Test your knowledge and learn some surprising facts about recycling around the Valley.
  • Non –Toxic Cleaning: Make a mess with us! Then we’ll show you how safe, simple and inexpensive cleanup can be.

Garden Pool Planter Making Class

  • Make your own personal planter with Garden Pool.

Behavioral Enrichment Stations

  • Make behavioral enrichment items for the animals at the Zoo, and some for your pets at home, too!

Drumming Circle

  • Play in a drumming circle and listen to all-natural instruments like the digeridoo! Smaller children can use recycled items to make noise.

Plus, creature features throughout the day, animal shows and more!

All event activities are included with regular Zoo admission.