Capital Campaign Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo would like to thank our donors, members and guests for helping us complete the Zoo’s World Class Zoo For A World Class City Capital Campaign. Thanks to your support, we were able to raise $23 million to fund several projects, including:

  • Spectacular new and improved animal exhibits.
  • A more compact footprint of the core animal collection that provides guests a more convenient, intense and interactive animal experience.
  • Increased opportunities for fun and engaging educational activities that put children in touch with nature.
  • A modern and adequately-sized infrastructure to support the Zoo as it grows with the community over the next 50 years.
  • State-of-the-art amenities for guests.

The Zoo is determined to achieve World Class status and continue to serve as a vital link to nature in our increasingly urban, technology-driven society. We will create a Zoo that exceeds the expectations of our current and future guests for an exciting, engaging animal and nature-based experience.

Stay tuned for future Zoo improvements, which includes proposed projects to enhance the Africa Trail, Tropics Trail, The Arthur L. and Elaine V. Johnson Foundation Conservation Center and a 500-seat Children’s Trail amphitheater.

In all, these comprise 11 projects totaling $12.1 million. We’ll issue more information on this as planning continues for our World Class Zoo For A World Class City.

If you have any questions, please contact the Zoo’s Development department at 602.914.4362.

Thank you for your support of our Capital Campaign efforts. We look forward to continuing to improve the Zoo for you and your family to enjoy.



Budget: $2 million │ Funded│Now Open

The new Isle of the Tiger exhibit creates a spectacular new signature experience. Guests will wander down a tropical path to find views of our amazing tigers to the right and the majesty of one of the world’s largest mammals, the Asian elephant, to the left. Up-close, intimate viewing is key for both tigers and elephants, providing a truly impressive perspective on two of the planet’s most impressive species.

New state-of-the-art holding facilities will allow the Zoo to care for several of the incredibly rare tigers, helping us become a key participant in the international Species Survival Plan® (SSP) that monitors and manages the breeding of all endangered species in zoos worldwide. Isle of the Tiger will exemplify World Class for years to come.


Budget: $6.2 million │ Funded│Now Open

Providing comfortable and professional working, training and meeting space for Zoo staff and volunteers is a critical need to create a World Class Zoo For A World Class City. A new administrative headquarters will present the opportunity to showcase the Zoo’s commitment to conservation and green practices.

Two separate buildings will house much of the administrative staff, while providing space for volunteer training and staffing. The spaces surrounding these two buildings create an outdoor courtyard for employee gathering and additional training and meeting space. It will be a showcase for innovation and conservation.


Supported by Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust
Budget: $3.8 million | Funded | Now Open

Entering a zoo should inspire excitement and anticipation, while transporting guests to a world of natural wonder. The Zoo’s new Entry Oasis not only expedites the entrance transaction, but also provides comfort and exhilarating surprises during the process.

After strolling across the renovated bridge, guests encounter a native species exhibit featuring vultures and tortoises. Ticket holders and members then proceed to a bank of turnstiles where their tickets and membership cards are scanned quickly and easily for a smooth and speedy entrance. Guests then emerge onto a redefined pathway providing unencumbered views of the African Savanna.

With the new Entry Oasis, every arriving guest will immediately recognize that they are in for a vibrant, fascinating and World Class experience at the Phoenix Zoo.


Budget: $3  million | Funded | Now Open

The Zoo’s C.W. & Modene Neely Education and Event Center provides dedicated classroom space and facilities needed to grow our educational programs in response to community needs. In addition, the Neely Center provides a beautiful venue for special events, such as corporate meetings and parties, as well as private celebrations, including weddings, proms and graduations.

Providing varied experiences, finding multiple uses for the space and creating revenue opportunities to support operations and educational programming is truly a unique approach befitting a World Class Zoo For A World Class City.


Budget: $4 million | Funded | Now Open

Bornean orangutans have called the Zoo home since it opened in 1962. Orang-hutan: “People of the Forest” features the choices and challenges that orangutans face in the wild, while providing viewing options to guests and allowing them to learn more about this incredible species. Featuring two very distinct and exciting habitats, as well as a climate-controlled interpretive center, this exhibit is truly World Class.


Generously funded by the Kemper & Ethel Marley Foundation
Budget: $1.2 million | Funded | Now Open

Offering intimate and varied views of the planet’s largest lizard – all within a tropical-themed environment – the Komodo Dragon Experience is like nothing else at the Zoo.

The exhibit design features two separate viewing areas, providing glimpses into a Komodo dragon’s dual existence on both land and in water. The concept of varied environments presents opportunities for a diverse and repeatable guest experience.

An immersive tropical setting with myriad educational components and exciting views of an amazing animal, the Komodo Dragon Experience is a favorite of Zoo guests.