The Conservation & Science department’s mission is to provide ex situ support for in situ conservation. We accomplish our goals through participation and leadership in conservation efforts at the Phoenix Zoo, throughout our region and worldwide.

We also encourage global activism by offering conservation grants to selected individuals who apply through our Conservation & Science Grant program. Priority is given to proposals that demonstrate a measurable, common-sense approach to conservation and science issues, appropriate research methodologies, effective knowledge sharing and capacity building strategies, ex situ support of in situ conservation and active involvement of local communities. The Zoo’s grants are intended to provide seed money or to fund critical components of conservation programs. Grant requests must not exceed $3,000 per award. Please contact with any questions related to the application process.

Conservation Grant Pre-proposals are accepted until September 15, 2015

Conservation Grants Pre-proposal Guidelines

Phoenix Zoo Conservation Grants Pre-proposal Application – 2015/2016

Applications are accepted November 1 through December 1 each year.

Conservation & Science Grant FAQ

Previous Grant Recipients

2013 Field Conservation Grants (500kb PDF)
2012 Field Conservation Grants (7mb PDF)

Reports from the Field


Giant Armadillo Project – Progress Report – January 2015
Giant Armadillo Project – Progress Report – October 2015
Grevy’s Zebra Trust Field Conservation Report January 2015
HUTAN – Borneo Futures
Proyecto Titi – Cotton Top Tamarins – October 2015
Slow Loris Conservation Efforts Report – 2015


Grevy’s Zebra Trust Annual Project Report
Hornbills from HUTAN
Giant Armadillo Project – April 2014


Grevy’s Zebra Trust Annual Project Report
Hornbill Interview Survey in Kinabatangan
Hutan Reforestation Efforts in Kinabatangan
Mabuwaya Foundation Philippine Crocodile Head Start Program


Ruaha Carnivore Project progress report