As one of the largest non-profit, privately funded zoological parks in the country, the Phoenix Zoo relies exclusively on its own earned income and the support of members, donors and the local corporate community to provide funds for operations and capital improvements of exhibits and guest experiences.

You can donate items directly from our Wish List or you can contact the Development Department at either 602.286.3830 or to make a monetary donation for us to make the purchases. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by the law.

All gifts can be delivered to the main entrance during our business hours. Please let staff know you are donating Wish List items. Used items are accepted as long as they are in good working condition.

Animal Care Center


  • Small throws or twin sized blankets, nothing with holes or hanging threads please.

Towels and Sheets

Price varies

  • All sizes are welcome as long as they don’t have holes or any unraveling.
  • These will be most frequently for bedding and cleaning.

Outdoor Trash Can with Lid:  3 – $20/$30 ea at Home Depot

  • Rubbermaid BRUTE 20 gal or 32 gal plastic containers.
  • Used to hold and transport refuse of all types.  Between heavy use and the Arizona sun they often don’t last more than a year.

Storage Bins with Lids – Clear Plastic:  5 – $11 ea at Lowe’s

  • Rubbermaid plastic 29 gal tote.
  • Used for separate storage of chemicals and behavioral enrichment items

Cable Comfy Perches:  $6 – $15 ea any size + $10 s/h,

  • Rope Perches are wonderful for birds that have foot problems or can’t hold onto wooden perches well. They also offer substrate variety for healthy birds. Some birds even like to chew the twisted rope -which is better than chewing feathers!  From big owls to tiny songbirds, all the sizes and lengths are put to good use.

Zig-Zag Rope Perches (with wire inside to hold its shape): $15 – $19 ea any size + $10 s/h,

  • Rope Perches that have wire within to hold shape are wonderful for birds that have foot problems or can’t hold onto wooden perches well. They also offer substrate variety for healthy birds. Some birds even like to chew the twisted rope -which is better than chewing feathers!  From big owls to tiny songbirds, all the sizes and lengths are put to good use.

Natural Wood or Cholla Perches:  $8 – $15 ea any size + $10 s/h,

  • Perches made from natural, untreated wood and plant material are used for perch variety.  Excellent for bird feet, these are a nice option to offer birds.

Parrot Toys:  $19.99 ea + $10 s/h, or

  • Any parrot toys are appreciated.  We generally have medium and large birds and they need size appropriate toys.
  • Parrots interact a lot with toys that they can manipulate or shred/tear to pieces.  We have to be careful that the toys do not have plastic that could be ingested or food from an outside source (i.e. nuts).
  • If you would like specific suggestions, please email

Astro Turf Floor Mats:  4 – $15/$20 ea at Ace Hardware

  • ¼” thickness, 2’ x 3’
  • Used to clean muddy boots before entering building and for disinfectant foot baths.

Vittles Vault II 30:  $22 ea at PetsMart

  • 19.5”h x 13.5”d x 13.5”w, Item #4409
  • Used for airtight food and dry goods storage.

Kritter Keeper or Critter Tote:  $5 – $16 ea,

  • Fully ventilated containers for small animals, reptiles, snakes, insects, amphibians and fish.
  • Used to transport, medicate or house animals as needed.  All sizes are needed – from small to extra-large.

Petmate Vari Kennel:  $59.99 – $269.99

  • All sizes are needed (medium, intermediate, large and x-large).
  • Will be used to transport animals, temporarily house non-inventory animals before transfer to rehabilitator.

DVD’s:  Price varies

  • Nature, Children’s Shows or Movies, Musicals, Comedies
  • Used for animal viewing behavioral enrichment.

Variable Speed Centrifuge:  $2,200

  • Monetary donations welcomed.
  • Used for blood sample preparation.

Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer: $6,000

  • Monetary donations welcomed.
  • Used for sterilizing equipment.

Exam Glove Box Wall Holder:  $40

  • Monetary donations preferred.
  • Storage box for boxes of gloves to hang on wall in surgery room to give more table space

Carrying Case :  $30-$50

  • Monetary donations preferred.
  • To protect monitoring equipment (and keep it more dust free) when need to transport it to field procedures.

Enasco Brood Rite Heater, 750 watt, 120 volts a.c.:  2-4 – $275.00

  • Monetary donations welcome
  • Used for providing a heat source for animals in cold weather – durable, long-life, industrial-type, provides the maximum heat needed without overheating.

TV/DVD Player combo (19”):  3 – $150.00 each

  • Monetary donations welcome
  • Used for providing video enrichment for various animals

Monitoring Cameras, GE pan tilt color day/night camera with 18x zoom: 3 – $2500 each

  • Monetary donations welcome
  • Additional cameras for current camera monitoring system to add to enclosures that do not currently have them.

Animal Resources

Gift Cards

  • Drs. Foster and Smith
  • Target
  • Ryan’s Pet Supplies
  • Lowe’s
  • Ace Hardware


Cotton Wreath Bird Toy: 2 – $20 ea + $15 s/h

 Bird Treat Cage with Toys

Small Treat Cage Bird Toy

Large Treat Cage Bird Toy

Pruners: 4 – $40 ea at Lowe’s

  • Fiskars 4″ Ultra Blade Bypass Pruner #88449, Model 81096933

Dorm Room Size Refrigerator

Bat-Bird-Mammal Net

  • 2 – $126 ea (+ $75 tax, s/h) at Heart of Earth Animal Equipment
  • Item #A3543-RN
  • Used for capturing birds safely


Lemon or Purple Fountain Grasses:  9 – $15 ea at Lowe’s or Home Depot

  • Used for jaguar behavioral enrichment

Sod:  $150 at Home Depot

  • Used for Behavioral Enrichment purposes.

TS Weeble:  $475 + $75 s/h,

  • Item OETSW
  • Used for lion and tiger enrichment.

Excelsior Bale:  2 – $35 ea + $10 s/h, at Eagle Environmental

  • Material used for Andean bear nests.

True-Test EZ Weigh 5 Scale Reader:  $1,064 at

  • Will be used for reading weights for all carnivores.

Scale Load Bars:  $1,824 at

  • MP800 load bars, 6600lb capacity, 32” long
  • Used for weighing lions, tigers, jaguars, bears, just to name a few.

Scale Load Bars:  $1,488 at

  • MP600 load bars, 4400lb capacity, 23” long
  • Used for weighing ocelot, caracal and cheetahs among other carnivores.

Big Game GF100 Hanging Feeder:  $122.76 at

  • Used for Andean bear foraging.

Conservation Center

Gift Cards

Target, Lowe’s, PetSmart, Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Supplies (online only at

Brown Paper Lunch Sacks: $1.39 – $2.50 depending on package size and store.

  • Unopened packages of brown paper lunch sacks are used for behavioral enrichment for Black-footed ferrets. Standard size: found at any grocery or big box store. Usually packages of 50 – 100.

New Heavy Weight Home Washcloths: $3.99 per package and up

  • These are used as cleaning cloths for the Black-footed ferret cages.

Wire Shelving Unit: 2 – $170 ea at Lowe’s

  • 72″H x 72″W x 24″D, Edsal “Muscle Rack” Wire shelving, item #319477
  • Used for additional storage where all frog rearing paraphernalia is housed.

Headlamps: 2 – $50.00

  • Black Diamond or Petzl LED 50 lumens or higher.
  • This equipment is used by staff during frog releases or surveys, ferret spotlighting or other field exercises.


Lowe’s or Home Depot Gift Cards

Any dollar amount welcomed

  • Used to purchase much needed items such as chain, chain links, grass seed, etc.

Skid Steer Loader: New – $20,000 to $30,000

Used: Would have a member of our staff evaluate it to see if it met our needs.

  • This is a type of tractor that is much needed to move sand and logs from one place to another to make our elephants home different and make it a better one each day. This also will keep our elephant’s feet healthy as adding sand to the area makes the terrain softer on their feet.

Sand or Dirt: $500 per truckload

  • Sand and dirt need to be added to the exhibit on a regular basis to make sand beds and make the ground softer for the elephant’s feet.

 Donation to Construct Behavioral Enrichment Poles in Exhibit: $5,000 (in house quote)

  • These BE poles will be able to hold enrichment items high off of the ground so the elephants will have to reach up with their trunks.


Likits:  $13 ea + $5 s/h,

  • These treats are a perfect reward for a hard day’s work.

Orange or Lime Traffic Cones:  10 – $7 to $23 ea + $9 s/h

  • NO Stencil, any size 12” – 36”
  • Traffic cones are a favorite toy among our Equine Collection. They are good for scratching on, picking up and playing tug-a-war and just horsing around!

Jolly Balls:  $20 ea + $11 s/h,

  • These are a favorite for many ungulates to stomp on, push around w/ horns, or just throw in the air. These give our animals many hours of pure fun.

Bobbins:  $35 + $20 s/h – Small, $70 + $20 s/h – Large,

  • For the goats/sheep/cows to push around and relieve head butting/sparring urges.

Likit Holder:  5 – $24.95 ea + $7 s/h,

  • Used to hold Likits for treats.

Grooming Pad:  3 – $75 ea,

  • Will provide horses at Harmony Farm with scratching surfaces that won’t pull hair or abrade skin.


The following items are needed for the daily maintenance and care of giraffes, rhinos, warthogs, and many more animals.

Lowe’s or Home Depot Gift Cards: Any dollar amount welcomed

  • Used to purchase much needed items such as chain, chain links, sod and puzzle feeders.

Cordless Reciprocating Saw: $100

Lopper: $30 at Lowe’s

  • Corona 32” fiberglass handle anvil compound lopper, Item #155048.
  • Used to cut up branches to feed the animals.

Fiskars 4“ Ultra Blade Bypass Pruners: 7 – $40 ea at Lowe’s, (#88449, Model 81096933)

  • Will be used for cutting browse for animals.

Air Pump and Airline Tubing: $15 Pump

  • 10-20 gal Tip Fin Air Pump AR 2000, PetsMart

$3 Tubing

  • Flexible airline tubing, PetsMart
  • Both are used to blow out eggs, usually ostrich

Jungle balls: $165 ea + s/h,

  • These toys are great for extending foraging time as well as play time once food is gone. The Oryx toss these heavy toys on their horns and play for hours.

Extra Heavy Duty Bobbins: $120 ea + s/h,

  • Our more destructive ungulates play with these spool toys for hours. We put grain and hay inside for foraging, but most of their enjoyment is tossing the spools around, hooking them on their horns or kicking them around like a soccer ball.

Boomer Ball: 3 – $7 ea + $10 s/h (4 ½),

  • These are a favorite for the animals to kick and throw around for hours of fun.

Jolly Balls: 9 – $20 ea + s/h,

  • 10 inch Tug n Toss item #JP510
  • These are a favorite for the animals to kick and throw around for hours of pure fun.

2 ft Bar Scale: $1,300 from Southwestern Scale,

  • Will be used for training and weighing antelope and deer.

Rhinoceros Scale: $6,500 from Southwestern Scale,

  • Will be used for training and weighing present and future rhinos.

Hog Tilt Table: $900

  • Monetary donations welcomed.
  • Will be used for peccary training and medical procedures.

Savanna Pole Feeder: $4,000 ea

  • Monetary donations welcomed.
  • The feeders will allow the Zoo to expand our giraffe and antelope population.

4 Wheel Drive Pickup Truck with Trailer Hitch

  • The truck will be used for animal transport.


Gift Cards to Any Local Nursery

  • Any amount is appreciated.
  • Used to purchase browse plants to grow out and feed to the animals.


  • Topics requested are:  gardening, botany, edibles or horticulture.
  • Used for research and education.

18 volt Dewalt cordless Sawzall: $119

  • Used for trimming bamboo and repairing shade structures for plant propagation.

Kobalt 48” Wood Handle Spade Trench Shovel: 3 – $27 ea

Corona Forged Bypass Hand Pruners: 5 – $18.97 ea

Corona Bypass Loppers: 5 – $29.97 ea

Corona Folding Hand Saws: 5 – $19.97 ea

Friskars Bypass Tree Saw: 2 – $31.97 ea

Hilti Hammer Drill: $199

Living Collections


10 – $195 ea + $100 S&H Adam Equipment® – CPW plus 35 – Bench Scale
10 – $220 ea, Scout Pro SP6000 scale
6 – $146.25 ea + $17.30 S&H, Adam Equipment CPW plus Scale
3 – $315 ea, VS-660 Scale, A and A Scales LLC Sheep/Goat scale
$974.00 + $90 S&H, TruTest EziWeigh5 Reader
$1,398.00 + $90 S&H, Set of MP600 load bars 4400lb capacity 23” long
$1,734.00+ $90 S&H, Set of MP800 load bars 6600lb capacity 32” long
$649, VS-2200 scale, A and A Scales LLC cattle scale 59″ x 30″ x 2.5″
$2,000, Giraffe Scale installation
$6370, Rhino scale 47” widex108”long scale with a digital weight indicator

  • Weighing animals on a regular basis is extremely important to animal husbandry, as it facilitates veterinary care and known dietary needs.  An animal’s current weight is often the first request by veterinarians during diagnostics.
  • Scale training helps to:
    • Monitor health.
    • Administer the correct amount of oral medication and vaccinations.
    • Adjust diet.
    • Monitor trends, seasonal cycles, etc.
    • Build a better relationship between keepers and their animals.
    • Provide easier monitoring during routine checks.
    • Significantly reduces stress or risk of injury to both keeper and animal.

Handbook of the Mammals of the World: $160 ea,

  • Volume 1 – Carnivora
  • Volume 2 – Hoofed Mammals
  • Volume 3 – Primates
  • Volumes 4 – 8 not yet published but forthcoming

Raptors in Captivity by Lori R. Arent

Encyclopedia of Aviculture by Glen Holland

Man and Animal by Heini Heddiger

Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals by Murray Fowler

Exotic Animal Care & Management by Vicki Judah & Kathy Nuttall

Interpretive Master Planning by John Veverka

Enrichment Notebook, 3rd Edition by AAZK Enrichment Committee

Introduction to Animal Technology by S. W. Barnett

The Care and Management of Captive Chimpanzees, Edited by Linda Brent

The Apes:  Challenges for the 21st Century, Compiled by Brookfield Zoo

Guidelines for Environmental Enrichment by D.A. Field and Association of British Wild Animal Keepers

Laboratory Animal Medicine, 2nd Edition, Edited by J.G. Fox, L.C. Anderson, F.M. Loew and F.W. Quimby

Applied Ethics in Animal Research:  Philosophy, Regulation and Laboratory Applications by J.P. Gluck, T. DiPasquale and F.B. Orlans

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Environmental Enrichment by V.J Hare and K.E. Worley

Stereotypic Animal Behavior:  Fundamentals and Applications to Welfare, 2nd Edition, Edited by G. Mason and J. Rushen

The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory Animals, Vol. 1 – Terrestrial Vertebrates, 7th Edition, Edited by T. Poole

Taking Better Care of Monkeys and Apes by V. Reinhardt

Environmental Enrichment for Caged Rhesus Macaques:  A Photographic Documentation and Literature Review, 2nd Edition by V. Reinhardt and A. Reinhardt

Enrichment Notebook, 2nd Edition, Edited by B. Stark

Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Symposium on Zoo Research, Compiled and Edited by Tania C. Gilbert

Handbook of Primate Husbandry and Welfare, 1st Edition by S. Wolfensohm and P. Honess

Environmental Enrichment for Captive Animals by R.J. Young

Better than Bombproof by Sgt. Rick Pelicano

Livestock Handling by Temple Grandin

Chimpanzee Behavior in the Wild:  An Audio-Visual Encyclopedia by Aqumi Inaba, Takahisa Matsusaka, William C. McGrew, Toshisada Nishida, Koichiro Zamma

Molecular Panbiogeography of the Tropics by Michael Heads

What Zoos Can Do: The Leading Zoological Gardens of Europe 2010 – 2020 by Anthony Sheridan


The following are needed for repairs on Zoo grounds:

18 volt Dewalt cordless sawzall


  • 8 foot fiberglass “A” frame ladders rated for at least 300 lbs user weight
  • 10 foot fiberglass “A” frame ladders rated for at least 300 lbs user weight

Grounds Keeping

Heavy duty steel handle shovels

  • Point and square

Portable 1800 – 2400 Watt Generator

  • Gas or 2 cycle
  • For area’s with no power in field

Mag Lite: 2 – 3 D cell steel flashlights

Park Rangers

Mag Charger Flashlight System:  $74

  • MAG Instrument MAG Charger ESW Rechargeable Flashlight System


Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox:  $60

  • The orangutans will use the sandbox as a play pool.  The sandbox’s hold up better than a standard child’s play pool.

Binoculars:  $100

Hanging Vegetable Scale with Pan:  $500

  • Will be used for weighing spider monkeys.
  • Bowl needs to measure 16” to 18” in diameter.

Puzzle Feeder:  $360 (Code: PPEPF00),

  • This is a different type of puzzle feeder than the ones our orangutans already have.  We can put food inside it and they will have to move the tabs to find the food.  We will be able to rearrange the tabs, making the puzzle different each time. Orangutans in the wild spend a lot of their time foraging for food, and so this will help to increase their foraging time here at the Zoo, as well.

Six-Cavity Foraging Device:  2 – $100 ea,

  • We can hang these outside the orangutans’ nighthouse bedrooms for an extra challenge.  They will have to make a tool to extract the treats from this item, increasing their foraging time and keeping them mentally stimulated.

Ferret Log : 7 – $24.50 ea (Code: BBFEL),

  • Small primates can use them as hiding places and as feeders to elongate foraging time.

Bubble Wall:  2 – $325 ea + s/h (Code: 07668),

  • Plastic climbing wall for smaller primates to use for behavioral enrichment


  • Used for behavioral enrichment.

Mighty Mesh Hammocks:  10 – $40 ea

  • Monetary donations welcomed
  • Furniture for primate exhibits

Brown Paper Lunch Sacks:  $1.39 – $2.50 depending on package size and store.

  • Unopened packages of brown paper lunch sacks are used for behavioral enrichment. Standard size: found at any grocery or big box store. Usually packages of 50 – 100.

Kongs:  7 – Price varies depending on size

  • Various sizes, with and without chain attachment.
  • Used for behavioral enrichment

Climber:  2 – $87 ea + s/h (Code: OECLIM6),

  • PVC climbing structure for primates up to 10kg
  • Used for behavioral enrichment

Junction Cube:  5 – $425 to $650 ea (Code: 00117),

  • Used for behavioral enrichment

Log Perch:  2 – $90 ea + s/h (Code: OELP),

  • PVC log with perches used for behavioral enrichment

Snack Ball:  2 – $31.45 ea + s/h (Code: OESB6),

  • PVC hanging balls with holes drilled in them for treats, used for behavioral enrichment

Stainless Steel Mirrors:  3 – $17.25 ea + s/h (Code: 300520),

  • Used for behavioral enrichment

Primate Tubes:  4 – $18.95 ea + s/h (Code: PET-TF),

  • Tube Puzzle feeder used for behavioral enrichment

Sway & Play:  2 – $34.95 ea + s/h (Code: OESNPH),

  • Weighted puzzle feeder that tips.  Used for behavioral enrichment.

Boomer Ball:  4 – $16.05 ea + $10 s/h (Code: 1004),

  • 10” Boomer Ball used for behavioral enrichment.

Spinner Treat Ball:  4 – $48.15 ea + $10 s/h (Code: 1039),

  • 10” ball with treat holes that spin up and down.  Used for behavioral enrichment.

Hanging Sliding Feeder:  4 – $25 ea + $10 s/h (Code:  apes51),

  • Puzzle feeder used for behavioral enrichment.

Grass Ball:  5 – $8 ea + $5 s/h (Code: rp391),

  • Treat ball used for foraging

Swinging Perches:  5 – $17 ea + $5 s/h (Code hp1067),

  • Cable with chain at each end used for behavioral enrichment

Rubbermaid Storage Cabinets:  2 – $400 ea

Welder’s Gloves:  2 – $50 ea

  • One each: Size Medium and Size Large


IMAX+ Microchip Reader: $324.99 + $15.00 s/h (Code: MICR011),

  • To identify individual rays at Stingray Bay.

Xtend & Climb 2-Step Plastic Step Stool: 6 – $39.99, Lowe’s (Item 324348, Model 962)

  • Used to help service tanks on higher shelves and reach items stored on high shelves.

Tanks – Any Size Glass Tank with Lid: Price Varies

  • Used to help house reptiles/amphibians

Cuisinart KML-10 Perfect Weight Digital Kitchen Scale: 2

  • Used to weigh animals

Flatrock and Rocky IV Background Designs: Price depends on size

  • Any size in sand color
  • Used for tank décor

Blue Hawk Reel Cart: $89.98, Lowe’s (Item 373608, Model LHR002)

  • To be used for the long hose at the Komodo exhibit.

Plasmalyte: $1,000, contact Dayne Haight at

  • These extremely high UV output lights are great for our baby Komodo dragons to assist with proper growth and development.

Special Events

18-inch Orange Safety Cones

Cambro 5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser: 4 – $110 ea

  • Will be used for birthday parties and private events.

Wood High Chairs for Children: 4 – $100 ea

  • Will be used for events on Zoo grounds.

Gift Certificates for various event supplies.

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Michael’s
  • Target
  • JoAnn Fabrics
  • Spirit Halloween
  • Wal-Mart.