As one of the largest non-profit, privately funded zoological parks in the country, the Phoenix Zoo relies exclusively on its own earned income and the support of members, donors and the local corporate community to provide funds for operations and capital improvements of exhibits and guest experiences.

Many Zoo departments have a Wish List of items that they need to better meet the needs of our animals and guests. You can donate items directly from our Wish List or you can contact the Development department at 602.286.3800 x 7434 or to make a monetary donation for us to make the purchases. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by the law.

All gifts should be delivered to the Zoo’s main entrance during our business hours. Please let staff know you are donating Wish List items. Used items are accepted as long as they are in good working condition. See the Wish Lists below!

Amazon Wish List

Items purchased from our Amazon Wish List can be shipped directly to the Zoo. Shop using AmazonSmile and Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of the price of your eligible purchases to the Phoenix Zoo when you select our charitable organization (Arizona Zoological Society)!

Download Wish Lists as a PDF

Animal Care Center


  • Small throws or twin sized blankets, nothing with holes or hanging threads please.

Towels and Sheets

Price varies

  • All sizes are welcome as long as they don’t have holes or any unraveling.
  • These will be most frequently for bedding and cleaning.

Outdoor Trash Can with Lid: 3, $20 – $30 ea, Home Depot

  • Rubbermaid BRUTE 20 gal or 32 gal plastic containers.
  • Used to hold and transport refuse of all types.  Between heavy use and the Arizona sun they often don’t last more than a year.

Clear Plastic Storage Bins with Lids: 5, $6 – $20 ea.

  • Rubbermaid plastic 15 quart (3.75 gal).
  • Used for separate storage of chemicals and behavioral enrichment items

Cable Comfy Perches: $6 – $15 ea. any size,

  • Rope Perches are wonderful for birds that have foot problems or can’t hold onto wooden perches well. They also offer substrate variety for healthy birds.

Natural Wood or Cholla Perches: $8 – $15 ea. any size,

  • Perches made from natural, untreated wood and plant material are used for perch variety.  Excellent for bird feet, these are a nice option to offer birds.

Vittles Vault II: $22 ea, PetsMart

  • 5”h x 13.5”d x 13.5”w, Item #4409
  • Used for airtight food and dry goods storage.

Kritter Keeper or Critter Tote: $5 – $16 ea, PetsMart

  • Fully ventilated containers for small animals, reptiles, snakes, insects, amphibians and fish.
  • Used to transport, medicate or house animals as needed.  All sizes are needed – from small to extra-large.

Petmate Vari Kennel: $59.99 – $269.99

  • All sizes are needed (medium, intermediate, large and x-large).
  • Will be used to transport animals, temporarily house non-inventory animals before transfer to rehabilitator.

Variable Speed Centrifuge: $2,200

  • Monetary donations welcomed.
  • Used for blood sample preparation.

Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer: $6,000

  • Monetary donations welcomed.
  • Used for sterilizing equipment.

Monitoring Cameras, GE pan tilt color day/night camera with 18x zoom: 3, $2500 ea.

  • Monetary donations welcome
  • Additional cameras for current camera monitoring system to add to enclosures that do not currently have them.

The Mote Ant Proof Bowl: 4, $26 ea.

  • Waterless ant proof bowl
  • Ants are a huge problem since animals eat outside, and this bowl touts it will keep the food ant-free.

Exo Terra Reptile Cave: 4, $5 – $13 + shipping

  • Brand Exo Terra. We can use any size: medium, large, and/or extra-large.
  • Natural-looking cast resin caves ideal for herptile habitats.

Flat Screen TV: $150

  • Any brand, no taller than 18 inches.
  • This will allow multiple people to view images on microscope.


Bat-Bird-Mammal Net: 2, $126 ea. (+ $75 tax, s/h), Heart of Earth Animal Equipment

  • Item #A3543-RN
  • Used for capturing birds safely


TS Weeble: $475 + $75 s/h,

  • Item OETSW
  • Used for lion and tiger enrichment.

Excelsior Bale: 2, $35 ea. + $10 s/h, Eagle Environmental

  • Material used for Andean bear nests.

Ryans’s Pet Supply gift cards: $25 – $50

  • Used to buy small enrichment items for animals like otter/meerkat/fennec fox/coati

Home Depot gift cards: $25 – $50

  • Used to buy materials for enrichment items for animals like otter/meerkat/fennec fox/coati/bear/anteater.

Boomer Balls: 3,

  • 6” or 10” Heavy Duty
  • Used for enrichment for maned wolf/jaguar/bear.

Lure Scents: Cabela’s and Bass Pro.

  • Any type of lure/gland/urine
  • Used for enrichment for all carnivores.


Brown Paper Lunch Sacks: $1.39 – $2.50 per pack

  • Any brand, generally come in packets of 50 or 100 at any supermarket or big box store.
  • The bags are a favorite BE item for both the Black Footed ferrets and the Mount Graham red squirrels.

Gift Cards: Lowe’s, Target, PetSmart, Drs. Fosters & Smith Pet Supplies

  • These are vendors who provide many large and small items that we use on a regular basis.
  • Gift cards enable us to be flexible – perhaps take advantage of a sale on an item used regularly or to get something needed last minute.

New heavy weight washcloths: 4 dozen, $3.99 and up per package, any brand/color.

  • Found in packages of 6-12 at big box or linen stores.
  • Used as cleaning/scrub cloths for cleaning the Black Footed ferret and Mount Graham red squirrel enclosures.

Flashlights: 4, $40 – $50

  • Heavy duty mag lite flashlights for field conservation use. May be found at Lowes or various outdoor stores.
  • These will be part of our field kits used when staff are working on various conservation projects in the field.

Go! Cat!Go! Treat Balls: 15 packages, $2.99 per package at

  • Cat treat balls used a behavioral enrichment for the Black Footed ferrets.
  • The balls are an active BE item for the Black Footed ferrets. The ferrets chase the balls, knock them down their tunnels, then will “trench” (carry backwards up the tunnel) the balls back up and start all over again.


Lowe’s or Home Depot Gift Cards

Any dollar amount welcomed

  • Used to purchase much needed items such as chain, chain links, grass seed, etc.

Skid Steer Loader: New, $20,000 – $30,000

Used: Would have a member of our staff evaluate it to see if it met our needs.

  • This is a type of tractor that is much needed to move sand and logs from one place to another to make our elephants home different and make it a better one each day. This also will keep our elephant’s feet healthy as adding sand to the area makes the terrain softer on their feet.

Sand – $500 per truckload

  • Sand and dirt need to be added to the exhibit on a regular basis to make sand beds and make the ground softer for the elephant’s feet.

Behavioral Enrichment Poles: $5,000 (in house quote)

  • These BE poles will be able to hold enrichment items high off of the ground so the elephants will have to reach up with their trunks.

Air Compressor: $76, Lowes

  • A small compressor used to blow up inner tubes.
  • Used to quickly blow up air toys that the elephants play with.

Heavy Duty 50 gallon Box: $280.81 + shipping

  • Keepers can cut custom holes to allow them to fill with treats for the elephants.

Winches: 2, $500 ea.

  • These allow us to lift hay, toys and other items above the elephants heads.

Fauna-Tek  Elephant Spin Toy: $900 + shipping

  • Interactive toy where the elephants have to spin to get treats.
  • Allows the elephants to spend more time trying to get food and treats.

Food Maze: $2800 + shipping

  • Elephants need to work food through a maze
  • Extends foraging time.

Stable Grazer Generation II: $2195 + shipping,

  • Automatic hay feeder.
  • Allows keepers to extend the amount of time the elephants spend eating.


Likits: 3, $18 ea,

  • Used for behavioral enrichment, refill for Likit Holder

Orange Traffic Cones: 7, $7 – $10

  • 12” – 36”, no stencil
  • Used for behavioral enrichment, food for toys, and class use.

Jolly Balls: 3, $42 ea,

  • Blueberry or Peppermint flavored
  • Used for behavioral enrichment, good to play with and relieve boredom

Likit Holder: 4, $32 ea,

  • Any color
  • Used for behavioral enrichment and to hold likits

Little Likits Multipak: 2, $27 ea,

  • Any flavor
  • Used for behavioral enrichment , refill for Boredom Breaker


Jolly Balls: 2 of each scent, $17.99 ea,

  • Blueberry Scented, Bubblegum Scented, Apple Scented, Peppermint
  • Used for behavioral enrichment: Jolly Balls help eliminate stress and boredom.

Laitner Brush Heads: 6, $10.96 + $8.90 shipping,

  • Item #LB454
  • Used for goats and sheep to scratch their bodies, heads and horns.

Little Likits Multipak: 2, $17.95 + $8.95 shipping,

  • Item 15384
  • Used for behavioral enrichment, refills for Boredom Buster

Amazing Graze: $46.19,

  • Used for behavioral enrichment, gravity feeder


Gift Cards to Any Local Nursery – certificates to any local nursery.

  • Any amount is appreciated.
  • Used to purchase browse plants to grow out and feed to the animals.

18 volt Dewalt cordless Sawzall:  $119

  • Used for trimming bamboo and repairing shade structures for plant propagation.

Hilti Hammer Drill: $199

  • Used for punching through concrete, digging in hard soil.

Ryan Lawn Aerator: $1,700

  • With 3 point hitch

With the addition of Daniel becoming part of our orangutan family, there comes even more of a need for new and exciting behavioral enrichment devices.  This system involves a Universal Bracket which can be placed on any one of our doors along with an assortment of different trays with different functions to allow the apes to problem solve while being rewarded. This system can be purchased at Otto Environmental,

Universal Bracket: $80, 9” x 9”, item #PES 3001

Biscuit Feeder: $105, 9” x 9”, item #PES 3029

Combination Panel: $55, 9” x 9”, item #PES 3006

Food Feeder: $70, 9” x 9”, item #PES 3004

Food Feeder: $65, 9” x 9”, item #PES 4004

Food Feeder: $65, 9” x 9”, item #PES 3022

Slide Feeder: $105, 9” x 9”, item #PES 3009

Spin a Snack: $130, 9” x 9”, item #PES 3007

The Dipper: $105, 9” x 9”, item #PES 3012

Tray Forager: $65, 9” x 9”, item #PES 3021

Treat Dispenser: $80, 9” x 9”, item #PES 3011

Water Bowl: $45, 9” x 9”, item #PES 4002

Universal Bracket: $275, 18” x 9”, item #OES6001

Treat Dispenser: $285, 18” x 9”, item #OES6011

Spin a Snack: $295, 18” x 9”, item #OES6007

Slide Feeder: $355, 18” x 9”, item #OES6009

Mirror/Activity Panel: $400, 18” x 9”, item #OES6005

Kongs:  Price varies depending on size

  • Various sizes, with and without chain attachment.
  • Used for behavioral enrichment

Climber:  2, $87 ea. + s/h,

  • Code: OECLIM6
  • PVC climbing structure for primates up to 10kg
  • Used for behavioral enrichment

Junction Cube: 5, $425 – $650 ea,

  • Code: 00117 com
  • Used for behavioral enrichment

Log Perch: 2, $90 ea. + s/h,

  • Code: OELP
  • PVC log with perches used for behavioral enrichment

Snack Ball: 2, $31.45 ea. + s/h,

  • Code: OESB6
  • PVC hanging balls with holes drilled in them for treats, used for behavioral enrichment

Stainless Steel Mirrors: 3, $17.25 ea. + s/h,

  • Code: 300520
  • Used for behavioral enrichment

Primate Tubes: 4, $18.95 ea. + s/h,

  • Code: PET-TF
  • Tube Puzzle feeder used for behavioral enrichment

Sway & Play: 2, $34.95 ea. + s/h,

  • Code: OESNPH
  • Weighted puzzle feeder that tips. Used for behavioral enrichment.

Boomer Ball: 4, $16.05 ea. + s/h,

  • Code: 1004
  • 10” Boomer Ball used for behavioral enrichment.

Spinner Treat Ball: 4, $48.15 ea. + s/h,

  • Code: 1039
  • 10” ball with treat holes that spin up and down. Used for behavioral enrichment.

Hanging Sliding Feeder: 4, $25 ea. +s/h,

  • Code: apes51
  • Puzzle feeder used for behavioral enrichment.

Grass Ball: 5, $8 ea. + s/h,

  • Code: rp391
  • Treat ball used for foraging

Swinging Perches: 5 – $17 ea. + s/h,

  • Code hp1067
  • Cable with chain at each end used for behavioral enrichment

Welder’s Gloves: 2, $50 ea.

  • One each: Size Medium and Size Large

Xtend & Climb 2-Step Plastic Step Stool: 6, $39.99, Lowe’s (Item 324348, Model 962)

  • Used to help service tanks on higher shelves and reach items stored on high shelves.

Tanks: Any Size Glass Tank with Lid

  • Used to help house reptiles/amphibians

Xtend & Climb Plastic Step Stool: 4, $39.99 ea, Lowe’s

  • #621096, Model 962
  • Used to help servicing high retile enclosures.

1-Step Steel Step Stool: $45.18, Lowes

  • Item # 472515, model # 802-1901-0000
  • Used for servicing high reptile enclosures

Tool Set: 3, $34.98 ea, Lowes

  • #420139 – Blue Hawk 59-piece Household Tool Set with Hard Case
  • Used for general maintenance in reptile areas.

LED flashlights: 5, $5.39ea., Lowes

  • Item #352085 – Utiltech LED handheld flashlight, model #FT-IN- 6VTZ
  • Used for general work on the reptile trail.

Misting Systems: 3, $99.99 ea, Petco

  • #1404326, Exo-terra Monsson RS400 rainfall misting system.
  • Reptile/amphibian enclosures.

Handheld Sprayers: 5, $19.97 ea, Lowes

  • #112857 – Smith 2-gallon plastic tank sprayer.
  • Used for misting reptiles and enclosures.

Power Drill: $129, Lowes

  • # 506283, DeWalt cordless drill with soft case.
  • Used for general trail maintenance.

Pressure Washer:

  • Generac OneWash 3, 100-PSl 2.8-GPM- exhibit cleaning/maintenance.
  • Cold water Gas Pressure Washer with Generac Engine.

Special Events

Cobra Microtalk Walkie-Talkies:  2 sets

  • To communicate with event volunteers

18-inch Orange Safety Cones

Cambro 5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser:  4, $110 ea.

  • Will be used for birthday parties and private events.

80 gallon or more ice chests:  5, $100 ea.

  • Will be used for events on Zoo grounds.

Professional Grade Ice Chests: 4, $140 ea.

Visa gift cards: $100

  • Used to buy smaller items needed for events